Bonnie's Dining & Banquets

Bonnie's Dining & Banquets services two distinctively different markets, and all available to the public. Bonnie's principle business is hosting upscale private parties and banquets, ranging from wedding receptions to casual retirement parties, and practically every type special event in-between. To accommodate Bonnie's private party and banquet guests a specially designed menu of America's favorite dinner items has been selectively prepared to service private functions with attendance from 30 to 124 guests.

Served in the comfort and charm of Bonnie's turn-of-the-19th century dining room, and depending upon one's choice of menu, bar, pianist and other choices of musical entertainment, charges range from $12.75 to $60 pp.

For one-of-a-kind social entertainment, several packages are also available that include either the private $375 four hour or, semi-private $50 per billiard table use of the Illinois Billiard Club's antique billiard room. When including the optional private use of both Bonnie's and the Illinois Billiard Club, charges range from $20 to $70 pp. For events not requiring use of the entire club, the semi-private use of the club's billiard tables is also available with charges beginning at $50 per billiard table.

Menu options include a selection of over a dozen entrees. To suit the varied appetites of Bonnie's party planners, the banquet menu also includes a wide variety of fresh, direct from the kitchen ... varieties of salads, vegetables, potatoes, desserts and, all the finest food products and ingredients available. After their preparation, all meals are then stylishly presented and served under the sensitive to quality, direction and culinary expertise of Bonnie herself.

Bonnie's Country Cafe is Bonnie's off-premise catering service that specializes in the same high quality menu and detailed preparation as when served within the charm of Bonnie's turn-of-the-19th-century dining room. For full details please see Bonnie's Off-Premise Catering Menu. Forty-eight hour advance notice is required.

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